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4 experimental houses

The agrodome office

Centre for ecological and biobased building
Stichting Agrodome runs an innovation and knowledge centre for ecological and biobased building. The mission of Agrodome is to stimulate and facilitate the transition to a biobased economy. The office of Agrodome is based in a demonstration house for the use of renewable building materials in Wageningen, the Netherlands.
Network organisation

The people of Agrodome were among others involved in LCA and EPD-projects, demonstration projects and knowledge exchange projects in the field of eco-building concepts, materials and products.

European activities

Agrodome works on national and European level. The previous period we were the Dutch partner in the Interreg IVB NEW project CAP’EM, ENVIREO and observer in Grow2Build.
Agrodome is member of the European CAPEM group, this is formed after the Interreg project. The CAPEM group members are Agrodome (NL), cd2e (F), Globe21 (F), NGS (UK), Renuables (UK) and VIBE (B). The CAPEM group is active in the building sector in the field of Cycle Assessments of Eco-impacts of Materials and has demonstration centres to inform about the use and possibilities of building materials, products and concepts. CAPEM is member of the EcoPlatform. CAPEM is leading the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) pilot study for the EC about thermal insulation.

Green Deal

Agrodome is secretary of the Green Deal Biobased Building, in which approx. 40 SME’s, knowledge and education organizations are united. www.greendealbouwen.nl
This Green Deal is working on creating a level playing field for biobased materials, products and building concepts. The members are working on Legislation and rules, communication, education , marketing and sustainable procurement matters. With the partners from the Green Deal we have created the knowledge databank about biobased projects and products www.biobasedbouwen.nl

  • Agrodome has co-created information tools such as CAPEM Compass (online tool to compare building materials on environmental impacts)
  • Biobased pavilion exposition with more than 60 SME’s about biobased and ecological solutions. This pavilion is part of the Innovation Centre Sustainable Building in Rotterdam (ICDuBo) exposition with more than 250 companies about sustainable building solutions.
  • And made the bouwboulevard a virtual exposition about sustainable building, open 24/7, with about 200 companies with sustainable solutions for the building sector. (www.bouwboulevard.com).




Veerstraat 122,
6701 DZ Wageningen
telephone 00 31 (0)317 427570

R&D and innovation department
email rdi@agrodome.nl

Renting for meetings, workshops etc. is possible. Tours for groups only if an appointment is made.

Agrodome is open for public once a month on Saturday between 2 and 5 pm . Entrance price € 7,50 / € 5,-
Explanation and information by Stichting Agrodome. Consumption and information included.

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